Stott HVAC Systems is modernizing the heating and air-conditioning experience one home at a time. With more than 50 combined years in the industry, we pride ourselves in creating a pleasant end to end experience for our customers. We work with contractors and custom home builders throughout the Greater Toronto Area to build innovative and personalized HVAC solutions. Our company is dedicated to providing first-rate products and services at reasonable prices.

Our Story

Co-owners Tyler and Andrew created Stott HVAC Systems as a result of their shared philosophy on exceptional customer service and their commitment to extraordinary results. Tylers’ background in sales and design and Andrews years of experience in the field combine to form the ideal partnership. They have been nicknamed the “HVAC Dream Team” with Tyler being the vision and Andrew being the execution. They have the ability to fit very complex systems into very small spaces and their passion and attention to detail is apparent in the finished product. Andrew and Tyler have worked together for over 10 years.

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The team at Stott HVAC Systems consists of young and vibrant HVAC Professionals, working towards a mutual goal of superior customer satisfaction. Our technicians will treat your home with care and respect and will answer any questions you have about our installations or repairs.

End to End Customer Experience

Stott HVAC Systems strives to provide an effortless end to end HVAC experience. We manage the design, installation, and maintenance of our projects. Customer satisfaction is our priority.


Our project manager will meet with you at your convenience to understand your project and its specific HVAC needs.


We will design a customizable system to meet your projects’ needs.


Our team of HVAC professionals will install your system to the specifications of our design. We work efficiently and with attention to detail.


Our lead installer will test and commission your system ensuring it meets design requirements and exceeds your comfort expectations.


Our annual maintenance plans are customizable and designed to keep your system performing safely and efficiently. We also provide emergency HVAC services as needed.

Modernizing the heating and air-conditioning experience.

Our Partners

Reviews From Our Clients

Matt Hawkins

Every experience we have had with Stott HVAC Systems has been great but one stands out from the rest. On a cold Friday evening our furnace stopped working at 9:00 PM. Our kids were in bed, the temperature of the house was dropping and I was trying to figure out how I was going to keep the house warm until we could get the furnace fixed. I called Tyler to see if he had any things I could try to get the furnace back up and running. He immediately texted me a list of simple things to try. I went through the list and checked them all but the furnace still would not work. I called Tyler again to ask if he could send a technician on the Saturday to look at our furnace. He said, how about I send Andrew now. I was shocked that Andrew would come out on a Friday night at 9:30 PM. When he arrived, he diagnosed the problem within 2 or 3 minutes. I thought our furnace would be down for a few days until we could get parts but Andrew had a trick up his sleeve and had our system working in no time. I was so impressed! In this day and age, most technicians I see just replace parts. It is rare to see technicians fix a part. I would 100% recommend Stott HVAC Systems for any of your HVAC needs.

Carol Caise

Stott HVAC Systems installed a new furnace and AC in my home. It was a full day and I want to thank them for the wonderful care and service provided by Tyler, Ben and Ian. The professionalism they showed on such a hot day and the clean and tidy way they left the house is very much appreciated. It was one of the most positive experiences I've had over the last few months. Thank you again!

Manny Neves

Hardcore Renos

I established Hardcore Renos ten years ago and when I began in construction I wasn’t interested in being just another contractor or another renovation business.  I wanted to build better, ask trades to build better, and build a team that cared without me ever asking them to care about a stranger’s home. 

Stott HVAC is a solid part of my team and always my first phone call when it comes to anything to do with HVAC.  I met Tyler about 8 years ago on a 1700 square foot luxury basement renovation project and he has treated me the same way since that very first project together.  Tyler, Andrew and the rest of the Stott HVAC crew honestly care about your home, they listen to me, to the homeowners and other trades.  They have a lot of respect on site and that speaks volumes to me and my business.  They are always willing to work with other trades, offer up great solutions, always on time, they save money and I have yet to see any garbage left behind. Thank you gentlemen, for always having my construction back.

Vlad Bregman

I have been renovating, developing and managing properties for over 35 years.
I have dealt with thousands of trades and contractors, and we all know they are not all made equal.
Here is why I love working with Tyler and the Stott HVAC team; they return calls right away,  they show up when they say they will and promptly. They are pleasant, professional, patient in explaining the issues.  They work efficiently and always leave the site clean.

Their prices are more than reasonable. I have a good idea of cost as I have been maintaining my 5 properties for years. Bottom line: need a good cooling/heating guys? Stop looking, you just found a great place…

Nick Hawkins

Always a great experience. Tyler and his team are top notch. Thanks again!!